Flexible abrasives technologies INFINITY VICTORY TS-100 CS-600 PERFECTION Line LS Series KS Series GALAXY

Flexible abrasives technologies

Alpha-Brush manufacture flexible abrasives technologies for a wide variety of sanding and polishing applications in the wood, metal and composites markets.



The Infinity machine is the perfect cost effective solution for small to medium size production shops. The Infinity brush machine is adaptable for a wide variety af sanding applications.



The Alpha-Brush Victory is the perfect machine for sanding linear profiles made of wood, metal, plastic or composites. It can be supplied with different configurations.



The TS-100 sanding machine is the perfect machine for sanding edges of all parts. The brushtable on the machine is build with a small footprint and therefore does not take up much Space.



The Alpha-Brush CS-600 machine is the perfect machine for small to large productions. The machine can be used in manually operations as well as automated robot solutions for the wood, metal, plastic & composites industry.


Perfection Line

This machine is protected under Canadian patent no. CA2522744 and US patent no. US6869349
(Combination between sanding drums and oscillating sanding discs.)

The Perfection line machines are the top of the line. These patended brush sanding machines can bo ordered in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and can be used in a wide variety of applications.


LS Series

Designed to quickly and uniformly process linear parts made of Wood, metal, plastic or composites. The sanders from the LS Series can be ordered to match your specific needs.


KS Series

The Alpha-Brush KS Series brush sanders are designed and built with the small shop in mind. The automated sanding reduces labor, increases production and increases profitability; all while staying within a budget. The KS Series are easy to set-up, easy to use and easy to maintain. They are also extremely versatile machines that can be used for the wood, metal, plastic & composite industry.



The Galaxy from Alpha-Brush is the newest technology of a rotary style sanding machine. It is equipped with “double rotation” of the sanding heads, which will give a perfect result for wood, metal, plastic & composites. All parts will be sanded equally from all angels & directions.


Alpha-Brush - Flexible sanding systems

The Alpha-Brush systems are the perfect choice of flexible sanding brushes and machines for production companies of any size. During the years we have gained a unique knowledge and know how in the different applications for the sanding industry.

The Alpha-Brush systems are used from small to large productions in the wood, metal, plastic and composite industry. Both the abrasive brushes and the machines are made of high quality materials after european standards which ensures you the best sanding results each time.

All new machines are supplied with SlipCon's patented abrasives as a standard. Further more we also produce our own abrasives to fit existing hubs on the market.

New KS-MS multi-purpose brush sander

New machine for the smaller production. The KS-MS multi-purpose brush sander will make short work of many projects. Get more infomation about the KS-MS brush sander.

Smaller productions

For smaller productions we recommend the following machines:

These machines are designed to fit most sanding applications.

Medium sized productions

For the medium sized production we recommend Victory and Perfection Line as the the preferred choice:

With these machines your company are set for the future production expansion.

Large scale productions

For the large scale production we recommend our top of the line sanders:

These lines meets the most demanding conditions and are built to run 24/7.

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