Alpha-Flex System

The Alpha-Flex System is a disposable system made of slashed, abrasive or non-abrasives flexible cloth strips, supported with or without natural Tampico fibers molded into a light weight, sturdy plastic hub. The Alpha-Flex system is great for rotary sanders with a higher spindle speed. The system has a very high density of brushes/abrasives, which will ensure the best possible lifetime. The Alpha-Flex system is available in 12 different diameters, 3 different core sizes and any grit configuration.


Diameter of Alpha-Flex hubs: M20, M32 and M40 (Abrasives + backer brushes)

M20 (20 segments around circumference) Diameters: 155/175/200/250 mm
M32 (32 segments around circumference) Diameters: 200/220/250/300 mm
M40 (40 segments around circumference) Diameters: 240/260/300/350 mm

Standard widths for Alpha-Flex hubs: M20, M32 and M40

50/75/100/125/150/250/300/325/350 mm

All flapwheels can be connected to achieve the wanted length
Diameter of Alpha-Flapwheel abrasive
only hubs: M56, M76 and M114 (No backing brushes)

M56 (56 segments around circumference)
Diameters: 155/175/200/250mm (6”, 7”, 8” & 10”)
Standard width are 50mm, 75mm & 100mm (2”, 3” & 4”)
(Can be supplied with a shaft to fit drill)

M76 (76 segments around circumference)
Diameters: 200/220/250/300mm (8”, 9”, 10”, & 12”)
Standard width are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm & 150mm. (2”, 3”, 4”,4.3” 5”, 6”)

M114 (114 segments around circumference)
Diameters: 240/260/300/350mm (9.5”, 10.2”, 12” & 14”)
Standard width are 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm & 150mm (2”, 3”, 4”,4.3” 5”, 6”)

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