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Alpha-Brush Galaxy

The Galaxy from Alpha-Brush is the newest technology of a rotary style sanding machine. It is equipped with “double rotation” of the sanding heads, which will give a perfect result for wood, metal, plastic & composites. All parts will be sanded equally from all angels & directions.

The machine can be supplied with many different types of abrasive or polishing material all depending on application. The spindles are mounted with a bearing plate on the end for extra spindle support. The four sanding units each turn around it’s own axis, while the main carousel is also turning.

The machine comes standard with a 7.5 kw vacuum table motor for secure holding of parts while they go through the machine. The rotation, carousel & conveyor speeds are all adjustable by the inverters. The benefit of the “double rotation” is that the sanding heads will contact the parts from all different angles vs other standard rotary machines on the market today that are only equipped with one carousel rotation.


Thickness of workpiece: 0-100mm (0-4”)
Conveyor belt width: 1350 or 1600mm (52-63”)
Conveyor belt speed: 3-15 m/min (10-45 f/min) Can be changed on request
Length of sanding heads: Max 725mm (28.5”)
Diameter of sanding heads: 250-350mm (10-14”)
Vacuum motor: 7,5 KW
Dimensions 1350mm: L: 2820mm x W: 2000mm x H: 2000mm
Dimensions 1600mm: L: 2820mm x W: 2250mm x H: 2000mm
Dimensions 52”: L: 111” x W: 79” x H: 79”
Dimensions 63”: L: 111” x W: 89” x H: 79”

Standard Features

  • Adjustable spindle speed
  • Adjustable carousel speed
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Vacuum table 7.5 kw

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